Friday spent itself half mourning over microeconomics and half volunteering for a photo gallery. A week of photography is ending, but I can rinse and repeat come next year’s November. Photographers come in many colors- some for the sophisticated suit-style while others try things more diverse with inked arms, patterned knit jackets, or large bell-bottom […]

A Week for Photography

This week, a city wide homage to photography has commenced. I volunteered with them last year and will again this year. They said that college kids who sign up are more likely to flake out, but I’m out to prove them wrong. Besides volunteering for them, I’m actually quite unaffiliated to the organization. I tend […]

Native and Teal

Late Fall has arrived, and I have to adapt to the weather. In the city, its hard to see proof of fall. Trees aren’t in abundance, and the few that are turn brown and wither instead of stepping through the hues of red, orange, and yellow. My dormitory is placed on a more ‘suburban’ style […]

A Night of Computer Gaming

Perhaps it is a lesser known fact- my love of computer games. I’ve been playing League of Legends for about three years now  and have seen the popularity of the game skyrocket. There are not many at my university who play computer games as the majority of students are not engineers and since the university […]

Morning in November

It is 6am in the morning in my city. I am working on a paper due at 9am. It was completely my choice to work in the wee hours of the morning as I took a nap yester-afternoon. I am quite a fan of the cardigan I am wearing. It has a nice earthy feel with the […]

And So It Begins

A hurricane tracked its paint along the shores of Northeastern US. My city was lucky enough to be grazed by the storm without significant damage. A day after and the weather has turned a cold ear. I ready myself for Halloween with orange stockings and black mini dress  The weather told me the more layers the […]