A Night of Computer Gaming

Perhaps it is a lesser known fact- my love of computer games. I’ve been playing League of Legends for about three years now  and have seen the popularity of the game skyrocket. There are not many at my university who play computer games as the majority of students are not engineers and since the university is in a city, the students do not look at the internet as the sole reliever of boredom. I, however, enjoy playing computer games. Even though I suck.

A friend of mine who also happens to be a gamer had a birthday party of sorts. Essentially, it’s a gathering where everyone plays League of Legends together. the picture above is of the outfit I wore between evening and morning (the ‘party’ lasted from 10pm-4am). I wore fingerless gloves, a paint splash panda shirt from Threadless covered with a black button down shirt, gray shorts, violet tights, and technicolor Adidas. I could switch the shirt and tights for a more sophisticated look [black-gray-white color theme], but I’m going to a gaming party. Because I should obviously care about fashion when I’m going to be sitting in a corner on my butt for six hours.

The Adidas shoes up close. I bought the design in Hong Kong, so I’m not sure if they can be attained in the US.

We played about 8 games of League before calling it a ‘night’. I recently became quite the fan of ‘The Proving Grounds’ field map. Games on the proving grounds really help to build skill level in terms of  player versus player. The layout of the game tends to be ‘ARAM’ or All Random All Mid. I do enjoy the ability to choose my champions though.

For the few who blog/read blogs and happen to play League of Legends, I main as Heimerdinger- a mad mechanic/scientist with a will to destroy.

On another note, the international tournament for League (aka. LoL) had a grand champion prize of $1,000,000. The amount of tuition for school I could pay off with that money is ridiculous.

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