Friday spent itself half mourning over microeconomics and half volunteering for a photo gallery. A week of photography is ending, but I can rinse and repeat come next year’s November. Photographers come in many colors- some for the sophisticated suit-style while others try things more diverse with inked arms, patterned knit jackets, or large bell-bottom jeans.

It’s been awhile since I’ve held a decent camera, but when the time comes, I think I can finally make use of the inspiration stemming from experiences such as this week of photography.

Usually when a girl is seen in the city at night with a short dress, make up and heels, she is going clubbing. Whenever I don the attire I fear judgement since I still look rather young. But have no fear, for I am volunteering. The closing party for Fotoweek DC sported formalities, a gallery of distinct pieces from Latin America, and a band in full motion.

“I am on top of Statistics”

Tights and Shoes

Cultural events are extremely interesting to volunteer for. The last day of a week for enjoyment of photography comes to a close. Now excuse me while I entertain my right brain.

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