A Week for Photography

*I cut my left foot out on purpose

This week, a city wide homage to photography has commenced. I volunteered with them last year and will again this year. They said that college kids who sign up are more likely to flake out, but I’m out to prove them wrong. Besides volunteering for them, I’m actually quite unaffiliated to the organization. I tend to choose volunteer opportunities that veer towards arts and culture.

This week in my city is entirely dedicated to photography. I enjoy it as a hobby, but the camera i currently own I unable to do much at all- it takes pixelated photos, has a five second shutter speed at best, and the exposure is always off. It’s better than no camera though. I trust Samsung with most appliances, but not digital cameras.

I did notice a few visitors at the event I was volunteering at who wielded a Leica camera. Let’s just say just looking at one can make the wallet cry. The Leica Camera is like an apple in the Garden of Eden.

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