Morning in November


It is 6am in the morning in my city. I am working on a paper due at 9am. It was completely my choice to work in the wee hours of the morning as I took a nap yester-afternoon. I am quite a fan of the cardigan I am wearing. It has a nice earthy feel with the dark orange hue and tan color. To an extent, it reminds me of the patterned clay pottery of the southwestern Native Americans.

So I am pulling an ‘allnighter’ since I slept a while during the day. It would be nice to have a regular schedule to stick to, but alas I am a college student (I know that’s no excuse). I had a sleeping schedule until hurricane sandy. Things have been hectic since her fury cancelled school for an extra couple days.

My three day school-week is now at a close. It’s been fun having a little extra time to myself, albeit the one time I ventured outside into the storm my university ID blew away. Maybe nature means something by this crude action. I am irked. It is cold outside.


Like a professional ‘fashionista’ I shall zoom up on the ‘detailing’ which is what they all call it. The wood colored buttons balance out the cardigan’s color theme. The brand is ‘coincidence & chance’.

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