Native and Teal

Let the towel hanger behind my head distract you

Late Fall has arrived, and I have to adapt to the weather. In the city, its hard to see proof of fall. Trees aren’t in abundance, and the few that are turn brown and wither instead of stepping through the hues of red, orange, and yellow. My dormitory is placed on a more ‘suburban’ style neighborhood in the city, so unlike many who don’t live where I do, I get to see the candlelight in the leaves before they fall.

I’ve seen a few Native prints out and about these days, and am able to bring out a couple of my own ‘statement pieces’ (That’s what all the youtubers call pieces of clothing with an egregious amount of pattern, color, or design. I know egregious is not the right word)

I noted the cardigan in an earlier post- how it matches earthenware from the southwest natives- here’s a pair of pants I own that might touch on that feeling. (except with egregious amounts of pattern)

Close up of the pants

Shoes: Steve Madden “Olympiaa”

I attended Anime USA, a convention in my city, just this past weekend. (I obviously should have studied for my Chinese exams instead) I asked one of the dealers in the Dealer’s Room (I’ll post the name later) if they happened to have ear cuffs since they sold so many items with a ‘steampunk’ or ‘raw metal jewelry’ vibe. He had one that his sister was experimenting with but he had no idea how to display it and thus I decided to buy it to save him the trouble.

I will now introduce to you all my obsession with ear cuffs.

Metal Ear Cuff and Earring

By the way, I don’t have my ears pierced

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