Green Festivities

The latter half of Saturday was spent inside. Ironically, the experience was all about being ‘Green’.


There are many inconsistencies at the festival and people/vendors with different perspectives on what in means to be ‘green’. On that note, it is a wonderful culmination of perspectives which helps one figure out what side of the fence they land on.



Vendors were arrayed throughout the convention room, some capitalizing on marketing for their brand, selling goods and healthy lifestyles, or giving samples to fill the belly. I enjoy the festival in all its marketing tactic wonder.


We are innovating our technologies to become more environmentally friendly after said technologies are put into use. The process of making them is still controversial (and rightly so), but I shall not use this post degrade into a criticism. The kids are learning- I feel that is a good step towards future sustainability/’green’ goals. Though I continually underestimate the amount education has affected me, it’s pretty darn important for teaching the basics. For American society to change we’re going to need bottom up changes in efficiency.

All in all, I quite enjoy these events.

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