H St Festivities

Tuesday night and ‘Screaming Females’. It was a hasty decision, but sometimes the most unforeseen occurrences (black swan occurrences) are the most enjoyable. This one certainly was.

Screaming Females

Friday spent itself at a housewarming for an apartment on 4th street. She bought black lights and put them behind all the glass in the room for a classy but edgy effect.


Before the rain dribbled, I managed to bike to H St and enjoy a handful of Saturday afternoon hours. The festival spread a mile long with vendors, stages, and the raw culture of upper DC.

H St

The characteristic buildings and “on the brink of revitalization” culture really brings H st its modern look with history in the bricks.


This Thai chili sauce has made a brand for itself with the vendors wearing characteristic T-shirts with bold graphics.   


The artist in the back played music and danced to his art making while asking the crowd to interact with the paintings by quite literally painting on his canvas. I tried it out, soon realizing that some coordination is required. The man in front free paints his art with raw colors.


A few youngsters attempt air guitaring to some heavy metal as cardboard clad warriors  cheered them on.


‘Some Never Really Get’ rapping out H Street melodies.


Flamboyant flamenco dancers were amazingly coordinated and expressive- they bursted their steps with ease.


The simpler trade still causes happiness as a boy jumps up and down to a streetside drummer.

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