Katsucon at the National Harbor

Katsucon was the first convention I attended back 8 years ago and I haven’t missed one since. Going to conventions has become cathartic and habitual. As I sit here with a post-con fever and tests on the horizon, it’s interesting reflecting on how the convention (and conventions in general) have evolved. My first Katsucon (Katsucon 13) was attended at the ripe age of 13, and it has grown with me. Katsucon marks its 20th year in my 20th year.

I still recall my first Katsucon, I with my tan Ayu-esque coat (Kanon) nervously doddering next to my father in the Omni Shoreham Hotel; the convention had a good number of people at the time, but a couple years would see numbers double and a new location to fit the growing number of attendees. I’d like to think I arrived before the hey-day and helped guide the ever growing convention population, but it’s more likely I’m just one in a crowd.

Some Photos:
Contrast I


Contrast II

Check out all my photos here:

Katsucon Album 2014

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