FINAL-ly Back and Reminiscing


University is filled with a lot of things I should have done. “Maybe I should have gone to that concert” “Maybe I should have started studying earlier for that exam” “Maybe I should have kept up with that blog I was going to make but instead left on the backburner”

Well I’m back in the transitory period between university life and what many consider the “real world”; though to be honest, wasn’t the world I was living already perfectly real to begin with? I still listen to some of the same music and I still own some of the same clothes and my handwriting is still not good enough to write in that beautiful planner I bought for myself almost a decade ago.

But there are things that have changed.

I’m not as afraid of wearing shorts and I realize that I have options- the future is my choice, not that of my parents or friends or whatever society wants to delegate (I think I went way too macro with that sentence). I’ve been awake to see the sunrise and have run to the waterfront to catch the sunset. I’ve eaten eggs for a week and gone to class without my glasses.  I dragged my bike to college and got it stolen, bought another, got it stolen a week later. I’m on my third bike in six months handed down from a friend who trusts me.


That’s something I’ve learned.

Something I didn’t learn is everything I need to know for my final tomorrow. Procrastination is something I might never overcome, but my grades are stable and I have friends, experiences, all that jazz.

I’ve fallen in love, I’ve fallen and shredded my knee, I’ve set alarms off in dormitories for my terrible cooking. But it’s getting better.

After all, I’m one in seven billion.


2 thoughts on “FINAL-ly Back and Reminiscing

  1. Hi there I was just re-reading the last post I wrote on here which was a couple of years ago and came across your comment which led me to this post. And this post and all the raw feelings and unadorned experience is why I loved to blog and to read other people’s blog. I see that you too haven’t returned in a while. That is oftentimes what happens when you get deeper into the “real” world. Anyway just wanted to let you know this post brought me back to that specific time and place where I felt the same way as you did and I’m glad you took me there.

    • Hi Lindenrose, thanks for commenting! Blogging is something I think about frequently but when I consider putting some life back into this blog I think about everything else I put time into. Hopefully I can get back to this soon but my mindset has evolved during the unannounced hiatus. I appreciate the visit though, thanks!

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