Cherry Blossoms and Trashion

Four days in a row I find myself at the Tidal Basin. Biking has been up my alley lately, though with the increased use of my bicycle and my consistent neglect of its health I have found myself with two run down brake pads and popping gears. I’ve been jaded by days of blossoms falling and pseudoreflection. The 2AM waters are calmer and I take still pictures, wanting conversations where there are none.

Occasionally my nighttime excursions end in fruition as I learn about people that pass in dim light and dark nights. A dedicated photographer or two, the groups of friends and couples who want a different perspective and fewer crowds.



It was warmer back then and I was stuck in a state of wonder. “Spring has come”, I thought. But I was quite wrong as the next week passed in storms and jackets.


And from those meanderings of biking and blossoms I jaded myself. I wore my distinctly striped skinny jeans and my light cardigan, open to influence from nature and people. Fashion. The Trashion show was rapidly approaching; I asked a friend to partake in the theme that had so jaded me.

And for the next week we worked on diluting beet juice to dye coffee filters, cutting up shower curtains to sew, bending a broken umbrella, and re-purposing my second grade science fair project (which was actually about bikes).

We produced this winged figure:
Cherry Blossoms

Process Pictures:




And now I must recover and get sleep.

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