Silver Clouds

It’s simple, silver, and floating. I took the metro one stop backwards to Artisphere to enjoy an interactive exhibit from Andy Warhol. Accompanied by a friend, I played the hour until dusk set in.

Silver Clouds

A friend amidst the clouds


They peeled the clouds off the ceiling- unsuccessfully attempting to keep the ‘floaters’ down.


It’s a simple scene- perhaps almost disappointing to a first glance observer- but I spent hours there frolicking around. It’s definitely worth a few memories. The exhibit is quite contrary to what one might expect from the colorful works of Andy Warhol, but its soon realized this room of puffed up reflective pillows floating around in a breeze of fans has merit- and provides for a whole lot of fun.

I may have missed the reception a day before, but the white noise music and space to roam gave vivid memories to the dispersed chatter.

Take the metro to Rosslyn and play around before the exhibit closes in October.

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