Adams Morgan

Fall arrives and I have been struck with a cough as dry as the weather. The nights are becoming cooler and my schoolwork is accumulating.

Each part of the city is a cut of a different pie- there’s the starched shirt sector, the upper middle class sector, the dusk sector, the heritage sector- different channels of people that meander around the fanny pack (tourist) sector. Many of them have a way of celebrating their type of pie- the starched shirt sector convenes at classy restaurants with legs crossed and the dusk sector is permeated by a mix of clubs and music.

I lied, these pieces don’t go around each other- many a time they collide- one such event combines heritage, music, and local tourism : Adams Morgan Day.

Adams Morgan

Art is prevalent at the festival- from prints to clay to upcycled trays

Art on Wood

Pop up street art is one great addition to the festival/DC culture- a piece of art unfolds during the time spent enjoying the festival

Adams Morgan: Down the Street

The street fills with diversity- From Tibet to Ecuador. I’m particularly fond of the balance of architecture in the district: bright colors, diverse cultures, and unique stores punctuate an otherwise mundanely historical area.

Thus the week began.

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