Blackened Lights: Art in Suburbia

The suburbs of the city tend not to have an abundance of art shows. One thing about the city is that there’s always something going on for art- though sometimes it’s masked by a stiff facade. The further you get away from the city, the fewer exhibitions there are.

A friend opened an art show in the suburban area I grew up in. During summer, I am back in the large vacuous suburban house- and am able to visit a rare occurrence such as an art exhibition.

The opening hours were showered with people and a pleasant chatter. Pictures and eyes tapped at the art;  people of many ages fluttered around.

It centered around art made for the black light- or perhaps the black light was made for the art. Brilliant neons and depths gave the black lit room a warm glow.
IMG_8917The signatures of the artists in the show were very stylized.  I was reminded of a Chinese name block stamp with the edges sharp enough to carve but soft enough to please the eye.
I had forgotten his dedication towards art. His idea to bring the vibrant and modern art scene of the city into the suburbs is refreshing. The thump of the DJ helped fold everything together. The footprints gleaming orange under the blacklight gave it that final touch.

The Campbells soup I wore popped out during the show with vivid color. I saw the lights and life of a suburban Saturday night in restaurants around the block of the gallery as I pattered in the rain before returning home.

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