Across the River

Across the river from the city is a historic town. It doesn’t seem much different in terms of building height, but the feeling is more down to earth. There is little of the tight knit business suits and dining only the wealthy can afford. Prices here can still leap around, but there is something for everyone.

After about a year of consideration, a friend from university came down during summer vacation for an event and gave the one day she had off to me.

Alexandria, the town across the river, is centered along a main road with shops from which it expands outward to business buildings and the suburbs. King Street is the main road- an assertive name for an area with a distinct atmosphere.


A former torpedo factory now stands as a maze of art galleries and a relic of the town’s history. I promised to bring her here a while back, and we finally made it. IMG_8900

Under the main stairwell of the torpedo factory is a small display of people.

For those who visit the city across the river from Alexandria- I beckon them to take a short trip across the river to enjoy a different side of the metropolitan area. History, art, dining, and a pleasant walk await.


I visited a friend’s house in the suburbs two days ago. Her father and his girlfriend made some mock pizza for us. It was a classy experience, though eating with the parents of anyone is always daunting. They reminded me of the philanthropists for art exhibitions in DC- refined but quirky in a subliminal way.


Her shifty eyed cat is very amicable, though at times on edge. We put her in a box for our amusement.

2 thoughts on “Across the River

    • Arlington is the county Alexandria is in, DC is the city across. I’ll make sure to write it more explicitly next time- I dabble in ambiguous writing too much. Thank you for the feedback!

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